How To Date Asian Girls If You Are White

If you are interested to date an Asian girl, then it is good if you start by learning how to go about it.

Find the girl you want to date

If you want to find a datable girl, then visit the Pinkberry, library and the mall. When you visit these places, look for the girl you like and approach her such as pretending to ask for the time. While trying to tell you the time, then you should come up with a comment on something and engage her in conversation and ask her for a date.

The first date

When you take out an Asian girl, you should keep on the fashion, food and make fun about other Asians. If towards the end of the date the girl is giggling, then you may get the second date. Even if you may have dated other Asian girls or you want to ask about Asian fetish, you should not mention it at the first date.


When you reach at a point where you want to date an Asian girl, you have to try to understand her. Because the girls may have immigrated too much, they may be having a problem with their patriotism and boobs and you should correct her with good humor when she makes a mistake.

Nowadays, there is a certain increase of the men who are dating Asian girls. The cause of this is that most Chinese boys are goal oriented and industrious, so they do not have enough time to date. This is why the girls are turning to white men as their boyfriends.

Another reason of interest in Asian girls is the increase of oriental restaurants and Chinese food, which make men to be interested in the Asian culture while the Asian girls are rebelling against their traditional values.

After dating the girls for some time, then you may decide to marry her. If you want to marry her, keep in mind that the girls may pretend that they love drinking but they can turn into the red faced injuns if they do it. You should also be aware of the racist side of these girls. However, if it is your final decision to marry her, then you should know their traditions when it comes to the wedding. For some traditions, as a man, you are the one to pay for your wedding and you have to give the family a cow to get the bride. You have to be prepared with enough money if you had decided that you want to marry one of these Asian babes

Besides being beautiful and looking exotic, men decide to date Asian girls because of their cooking ability but, which do not make them fat. Now that some of the white girls are becoming fat, then white men turn to slim girls from Asia.

When you start to date an Asian girl, you should be ready for the people who may object and accuse you of having yellow fever. However, remember that attraction is normal and you can be attracted to anyone.

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