What’s An Escort Service?

In case you had not used the escort agency before, you may have few concerns and few questions that you wish to get the answers for before you hire the escorts for the first time. However, you do not have to worry since the following tips can help you out.

What it is the escort service?

The escort service is meant to offer two different things. The companionship, in case you are a stranger, you are in a new town and you want someone to show you around. You may also be looking to get a person whom you may talk to or the person who can be your dining companion. You do not have to worry because there is always a woman to offer you these services free of charge. You will not have to move or to do anything other than calling to get the services you want and to pick someone you like. The escort agencies are here to supply to offer the services you want.

The second service that you should expect to get is getting the woman whom you are able to get sex from and this is why men choose to call escorts at the beginning. However, you have to know that even if you may be looking forward to get sex from the escorts, it is illegal in most states and the only thing allowed legally is to get companionship.

The services you get after hiring the escort, it will be between you too and it should be agreed upon when you are behind the closed doors.

Will escort be happy to offer such services?

Different societies say that giving sex to be exchanged for money is something repugnant and immortal. They do project such attitudes to the people who work in this industry. However, there are many people who are working in the industries that they do not like even if it is a normal job, most of the time, the escorts like their work. Hiring the escort should be taken as hiring other professionals who are offering the services like the mechanic, therapist, lawyer and doctor. You are going to pay them your own money and they do offer the service.

Sex work industry is one of the industries that are in high demand and there is a need to enjoy a direct service job. Most of the time, the escorts will engage into the profession since they are being paid for the services they offer. They like to meet new people and some even enjoying having sex.

The first step to get the service is to visit the website you like and find the person whom you like most. You will find women who have different attributes and you will like one of them and then you can get the chance of meeting her. After choosing the girl, the next step is calling her. This is the time to tell her that you are interested in meeting her and if you have additional questions about this woman, this is the time to ask for it. You should first get all the information you can from her profile.

How To Meet With An Escort

When you meet the escorts, you should know the questions to ask and do not ask the pointless or stupid questions.

This is what some people do and it ends up annoying the girls. You should never ask if the girl is clean or not. If you are dealing with an expensive lady, then you should know that she cannot go to meet clients without being sure that she is clean. If you are dealing with a cheap girl, then expect that she cannot tell you the true even if she is sure that she is no clean. This is why you should be careful and ensure that you are safe. You should avoid asking these embarrassing questions and ensure that you have a condom always with you.

  1. Another questions to never ask, is asking the escort if she is the cop or not. You should know that the cop escort is ready to lie, to misrepresent herself or to cheat and ensure that she talks about sex while dealing with you.
  2. Another question to never ask is how many other men she had seen or if she is married or have ever had to hurt someone. Even if you may be curious, the answer that you will be given may not be what you expect so you should not bring up such issue.

Make sure that you are clean

You have to know that you are meeting a professional and prepare yourself as you would prepare to meet other professionals. Make sure that you brushed the teeth, you cut the fingernails, you shaved and you showered. If you have a skin problem, let the escort know about it as soon as you meet her.

Use good manners

You should remember about what you were taught about as a child. Keep in mind to ask and not to demand and always say thank you when you are happy.

Keep in mind that the girl is doing the business

Since you cannot make the cashier to ask for the payment, you should also not make the escort to do so. You should also expect the girl to hang around if she had finished offering the job she was contracted to do. When you are with a girl, she will try her best to create the illusion that you are happy with her, so you should not try to destroy this illusion when you remind her that she is working for money.

You should be where you agreed with the escort to meet and at the time you agreed on

If you agreed that you are going to do in call service, you have to make sure that you are there without being late even for five minutes. If she is coming, you should not go to ATM, front desk or to the ice machine. If there is any emergency, call so that you can let her know that, and she can arrange accordingly. If you make her delay, do not expect to stay the entire time you agreed on since she will be having other meeting to attend.

How To Call An Escort

As it happens with other professionals, escorting requires too much work and communication are the big part in everything. Escorts can deal with someone who calls and talks for up to an hour and end up canceling after sometime. Some men want to get the escorts to invest unpaid emotional effort.

Calling the escort is just like how you order to get a pizza. You have to decide first what you want and you have to be careful if you have never asked for this service before. You can visit the strip club and upscale brothel to get the view of what you may expect. You can then do a research on the agency or escort before you call. Some escort will work for the agencies while others will be working on their own. You should know that it is not a regulated industry so the photos you have seen on the ads, it may not be that of the person herself. You should not ask the escort to confirm if they are using a genuine photo; however, it is good if you may figure this out on your own. You can read the reviews about the girls you want to meet and you will find some people that have written if the photo you see is real or not.

  • When you call the girl, make sure that you are not asking any stupid question like asking if she is selling the drugs or not. Be courteous and ask about the services she is providing or confirm what she offers on the advertisement.
  • When you have finished deciding on which escort to call, it is the time to set the appointment. It is something to expect to be nervous and this is why most people end up making the wrong move, mostly if they are dealing with the professional.
  • You have to keep in mind everything is going to be fine and the reason why you are making the call is setting the appointment with the girl that interests you.

When you call, you should know the mistakes that you should avoid

1. Do not negotiate the prices

This is something that you should never do. When you want to negotiate, then the escort may hang up and she will block you so you do not make the future calls. You may never get a second chance when you do this. She can also let other escorts learn about you and they will not take up your calls. This will be hard and you may not be able to get future appointments. When you call the escorts and you start to bargain, she may think that you are a police officer and you want to entrap her. Besides, if you are calling in the police sting, then they are going to gather too much evidence about you. This is why you should never try to negotiate.

2. Discussing what it is at the offer

When you call and you start to ask more about the services at the offer, the escort will hang up on you. You should also be ready to be screened as you call an escort.

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