Where To Go With Las Vegas Escort Girl

When you are in Las Vegas, you do not have to visit raging clubs always if you have booked an Las Vegas escort girl. The following are 5 spots where you can take your woman and they are not club.

1. Bond bar in Cosmo Hotel

When you walk in this side bar known in Cosmopolitan Hotel away of Las blvd, you will not have to deal with bounders, velvet ropes or lines. You will find sexy go-go dancers with girls who are dancing suspended at the ceiling with the ropes. There is a live DJ each night. The music feels energetic but it is not that loud which means that you will not have to shout too much for you to be heard. You can order the drinks while at the bar and you will be able to scope everything out.

2. Chandelier Bar in Cosmo hotel

This is also found within the Cosmo hotel and it is a bar which is physically impressive. It has 3 floors full of the bars within the gigantic chandelier but it is the home for sexy women. There is no need of reserving a table, when you arrive, you will be given a table and you can drink well.

3. Paris Las Vegas

If you want to enjoy the view of the city, then you should visit this half scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. When you reach the top, you will be able to get 360 degree view for Las Vegas city. When the day is clear, you can view the entire city and you will be told the landmarks.

4. Mob museum

The museum is found in Las Vegas downtown and you will get to see when organized crime and mob were ruling the city. The museum is no profit and it explores the organized crime from the start with interactive activities and exhibits. You will learn about the present day mob activities, casino skimmers, bootlegger, speakeasies, molls, G-men and mobsters.

5. Fremont Street Experience

This is the attraction that you should never miss whenever you visit Las Vegas. The experience involves light and sound who which will wow all your senses. There is colorful display, loud music which takes place many times every night.

6. The Mirage

This place is found at Strip. It is Polynesian themed hotel and casino of 3,044. The Mirage casino features the volcano and this is the volcano which will not stink, if it erupts. The volcano erupts every night starting 8 pm up to the midnight and it spews around the pina colada scent. This faux volcano will erupt with the sound of the volcanoes which is erupting. The mirage has other attraction and they include the huge aquarium which is found at front desk of the hotel.

7. Caesar Palace

This is a place which was built by Jay Samo who was building motels in 1950s. He liked to gamble and visited Las Vegas. There he wanted to build the casino which is glamorous than any other casino. The casino cost was 24 million dollars, it has pools and fountains with the employees wearing Roman Themed uniform.

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